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What Does a Care Manager Do?

Care Managers provide peace of mind to their clients and families and work hard to improve everyone’s quality of life!

staff responsibilities

senior woman smiling with care giver

What Is a Care Manager?

  • Typically, social workers, nurses, gerontologists or other health / mental health professionals
  • Knowledgeable: specialized training, experience in the field, familiar with community resources
  • Follows a strict Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice
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When to Refer to a Care Manager

  • Dementia & memory loss
  • Mental illness & substance abuse
  • Conflicted families or sabotaging friends / neighbors
  • Refusing obviously needed help

“Dad’s Memory Isn’t What It Used to Be!”

“My Father Is Stubborn and It’s Gotten Worse Since His Memory Began Failing.”
  • Refuses to quit driving despite getting lost in familiar places
  • Dad refuses to see a doctor
  • Bills are piled up, taxes are not paid, utilities about to be shut off
Care Manager Helps!
  • Meeting with family – provides education & support
  • Evaluates dad & makes recommendations
  • Works with dad & family to make agreed upon changes
  • Recommendations for a doctor & CPA are accepted
  • Moves to assisted living & stops driving
  • Care Manager continues to help

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Care Manager

  • ALCA membership
  • Certified
  • Certified Fellow
  • Responsive
  • Years of experience
  • Knowledge of local area
  • Services provided
  • Fees

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